The A&A Foundation empowers individuals and families struggling to obtain recovery services by funding the addiction and mental health support that is so critical to their success.

We believe that when a family is supported throughout the recovery process, a client has the best chance of returning to a productive life. We recognize that while recovery may begin with treatment, every person’s post-treatment journey is different. Maintaining the momentum created in treatment is crucial and may require transitional living, case management, coaching, therapy, and/or clinical support.

Obtaining funding for these additional services can be challenging. Often an insurance policy will pay for treatment, but will not provide financial assistance for any part of an aftercare regimen. This can put a huge strain on a family who is struggling financially, forcing them to either take on a heavy financial burden or to deny their loved ones much needed support. Without this additional assistance, the combination of underdeveloped coping skills, emotional triggers and lack of family education can and does often lead to client relapse. Our hope is that the A&A Foundation can support individuals and families through this difficult transition and into long-term sobriety and recovery.