A New Path Foundation empowers individuals and families struggling to obtain recovery services by funding the addiction and mental health support that is so critical to their success.

We believe that when a family is supported throughout the recovery process, a client has the best chance of returning to a productive life. We recognize that while recovery may begin with treatment, every person’s post-treatment journey is different. Maintaining the momentum created in treatment is crucial and may require transitional living, case management, coaching, therapy, and/or clinical support.

Obtaining funding for these additional services can be challenging. Often an insurance policy will pay for treatment but will not provide financial assistance for any part of an aftercare regimen. This can put a huge strain on a family who is struggling financially, forcing them to either take on a heavy financial burden or to deny their loved ones much needed support. Without this additional assistance, the combination of underdeveloped coping skills, emotional triggers and lack of family education, can and does, often lead to client relapse. A New Path Foundation supports individuals and families through this difficult transition and into long-term sobriety and recovery.


The money we have raised has been used to develop and formalize our application submission process and evaluation procedures. With all systems in place, we were thrilled to announce disbursements that began in 2018.



We support individuals and families already engaged in a program of recovery, who are ready for the next step, yet lack the financial means to move forward. While we evaluate each case individually, our typical recipient has some sober time, is actively involved in a 12-step program, and has specific goals to begin a new life. Along these lines, he/she is also in need of general financial assistance for interview attire, sober/transitional housing, life coaching, family coaching, and/or therapeutic or clinical services, to continue building upon their new foundation.


By providing financial support for access to such services, people in recovery remain immersed a recovery-focused regimen, tailored to their needs, and are positioned to overcome the most common factors which lead to relapse: extreme financial hardship, a lack of “safe” housing, unhealthy/uneducated family system dynamics, underdeveloped coping skills, and a lack of professional guidance on how to move forward. We support individuals and families throughout the recovery journey at any stage, in order to achieve long-term sobriety and live a productive life. When additional financial resources are needed The New Path Foundation is here to help.


Applicants fill out the online submission form and receive notification of receipt within one week. A New Path Foundation board of directors meet regularly to review each submission and select the most appropriate applicants for the next step, personal interviews.

After meeting with a diverse group of applicants, the board reconvenes to make final decisions and disbursements are mailed to scholarship recipients within one week.



Our knowledgeable board of directors has long-standing relationships with industry partners. We work with a hand-selected network of treatment facilities, sober living homes, life, career, and recovery coaches, addiction specialists, therapists, and clinicians to ensure our scholarship recipients receive the most appropriate care for their needs.

If you’re not doing anything different, you’re not doing anything at all.
Aaron Postil • Founder of A New Path Foundation


Each member of our Board of Directors has personally experienced, whether in their own lives or through loved ones, the damage that active addiction and mental health issues can cause, and the power and freedom that recovery offers.

Aaron Postil • Founder

“If you’re not doing anything different, you’re not doing anything at all.”

Aaron Postil is the Founder of A New Path Foundation. After his own intense and ultimately successful experience with recovery, Aaron knew he wanted to give back and help others going through the same process. He has dedicated his life to helping people get sober. His work is built upon loyalty, integrity, courage and family. He always wanted to marry 2 of his passions, recovery and golf.

He spent the first fifteen years of his professional career in the music industry. The culture of the music industry exacerbated his use of drugs and alcohol which progressed into full blown addiction. He eventually lost his career and almost lost his life. At this time, his family hired a world-renowned interventionist. The interventionist educated his family in a way that helped them realize how they unwittingly participated in the cycle of his addiction. Out of fear and desperation, what they thought were acts of love and support were actually enabling the progression of his addiction. Aaron’s family needed to face some hard truths and learn to set boundaries if he was going to recover. Ultimately, this was life changing for Aaron. The interventionist is now Aaron’s mentor, friend and on A New Path Board.

Aaron has worked in the behavioral health field since 2011. He began his career as a driver for a treatment center. Through the start of his career he found joy in connecting with others. He sought out opportunities to make a larger impact in the lives of others. During that time he founded an organization that specializes in intervention and case management. He later sold this organization and moved to Baton Rouge.

Candy Finnigan

“It’s not just my work, it’s my life.”

Candy Finnigan is a nationally recognized addiction specialist and interventionist. She received her Certificate in Alcohol-Drug Counseling Skills and her Certificate in Alcohol-Drug Abuse Studies from UCLA in 1993. Internships were done at Cedars-Sinai Hospital where she worked in Addiction Services and C.P.C. Westwood Hospital. She was certified in Sex Addiction by Dr. Patrick Carnes in 1997 and attended Post Induction training with Pia Mellody, R.N., in 1997 at the Meadows. She received her intervention training in 1991, from Dr. Vernon Johnson, when intervention was relatively new. In 2001 she was trained in Systemic Family Intervention. She has enjoyed professional relationships with many treatment centers nationally and internationally. Candy also completed co-dependency training with well-known author and authority on co-dependency and it’s role in addiction and alcoholism treatment, Pia Mellody. She has done extensive workshop training in the fields of dual diagnosis and psychiatric treatments and other process addictions.

Candy has been involved in all areas of recovery for over 28 years, not only as an interventionist, but also in relapse prevention, holding a certificate in the Gorski method, having been trained 1996 by Terence Gorski. Additionally, she has extensive experience in assessment, placement, and aftercare treatment. She has been a group facilitator for many years, with both adults and adolescents. Candy did work with the students at Beverly Hills High School as a drug and alcohol specialist/counselor for 11 years, acting as facilitator of the “Sober Lunch” program… She is a Certified Master Addiction Counselor III and a Board Registered Interventionist II. She belongs to the Association of Intervention Specialists and is a Certified Intervention Professional.

Personally in recovery for over 29 years, Candy states, “I was inspired to go into this work because I saw that as a recovering woman, I might be able to connect with suffering people in a way that others couldn’t,” she says. “It’s not just my work, it’s my life.” Candy has been married for 46 years. She and her husband Mike have two grown children: son, Kelly, and daughter, Bridget.

Co-founder of the acclaimed MAP (Musicians Assistance Program or Musicares), Candy continues to educate and facilitate through a variety of efforts in the recovery community. Currently, she is one of the featured interventionists on the acclaimed A&E series “INTERVENTION.” The show has been widely praised since 2004 as a groundbreaking example of how reality television and therapeutic efforts can be combined. Critics and viewers agree that this show is riveting, positive and educational TV. The show has been recognized for it’s commitment to raising public awareness of the epidemic of alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as other mental health issues. Ms. Finnigan and the show were honored with four Prism Awards. The show ran for thirteen seasons. “INTERVENTION” enjoyed an audience of 2.4 million viewers weekly, and was the winner of an Emmy in 2009.

Candy continues to be active in the recovery community as a mentor and lecture speaker. It has been her experience, across the board, that the nature of addictions and interventions are a daunting task each family faces.

Candy’s book, When Enough is Enough, was published by Penguin/Avery in April 2008. The book is about helping loved ones with the process of Intervention. It is available at major bookstores and amazon.com.

Kirna Postil • Secretary

Kirna Postil is the wife of Aaron Postil and a grateful sober woman for about 6 years. In 2016, after experiencing many difficulties in recovery, she accepted her disease and started her new path. Kirna is an active member in recovery by using all the tools provided to her to maintain her sobriety. She understands addiction first hand and wants to give back what was gratefully given to her. Kirna believes giving back is one of the important tools in staying in recovery.


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